Our Rutland site

Lodge Reception
This is our original site and offers residential accommodation and work and education for a variety of individuals.

Our Rutland site comprises 4 houses and 13 independent living flats for a total of 30 residents, each having their own identity and individual character. Our spacious gardens and grounds in our 20-acre site in the beautiful village of Market Overton give plenty of space for walking, safe bike riding and enjoyment of the countryside.

All of our rooms have en-suite facilities and all of our residents have their own key to their room. All of the rooms and communal areas are spacious and comfortable.

If you’re interested in accessing any of the services at The Lodge Trust we invite you to come and see what we offer and discuss your needs. Following on from that visit, an assessment period can be arranged to see if The Lodge Trust might provide a suitable home or day opportunity for you. (Please note that we do not provide nursing care.)

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Sean Anderson, 13/09/2016